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Jerry Lewis Maple Grove A/GAS WinnerWith the threat of rain in the forecast our first race at Bug Out was unfortunately rained out. Just one week later our next event had a chance of rain as well. It sprinkled on and off but unfortuantely around 430pm the track called it quits. We were down to 3 cars in the I/GAS Bracket Class and A/GAS finished earlier in the day.

In A/GAS we had 5 racers show up to qualify. At the end of qualifying it was Stephen Hawes sitting in the #1 spot with a 9.79 (1/4 mile), followed by Jerry Lewis at #2, Kirk Adams #3, Paul Wolf #4, and Reggie Lee #5. A few racers were having issues after qualifying and chose not to cause more damage and sat out the remainder of the race so the finals paired up Jerry Lewis against Kirk Adams. Jerry took the win and the points lead after Kirk had motor issues. 

In I/GAS 11 racers made the first round call. Going into Round 3 it was Michael Hall, Joe Cooper and Oscar "Grumpy" Ortiz. Unfortunately the rain came at the same time and the race was called off. We have a 4 way tie in I/GAS our next race will definitely be exciting to see how it plays out. 

Join us on August 5th at Mason Dixon Dragway for our next race. We will have our A/GAS, I/GAS racers there as well as ASA, H/GAS and ECPRA Pro Stock & Pro Mod. 

michael hallA/GAS (pro mod) Racers... We would like to welcome Michael Hall with Michaels Sign Company as our official 2017 A/GAS Series Sponsor. For the champion of this years points chase Michael will be hand painting your racing helmet. His artwork and painting skills are truly in a league of their own.

He not only paints, air brushes but also he's an amazing pin striper. Please visit his facebook page for more samples of his work. Thank you once again to all of our sponsors and we'll see you at the track.

jerry lewis 2016 agas championWe would like to congratulate our 2016 Heritage Series champions. In our Jerry Lewis Roofing sponsors A/GAS it was none other than Jerry Lewis himself wrapping up the championship my a mere 2 points over newcomer Stephen Hawes. These two battled it out all year and it came down to the final event of the year at Maple Grove. Stephen had to take out #1 qualifier Todd Pavics in the semi final round to secure his first championship, win and you’re the champ, lose and you have to wait and see if Jerry loses in his semi final round against Reggie Lee. After Stephen missed 4th gear all eyes were on Jerry and Reggie at the starting line. Just as Stephen did Reggie missed 4th gear and Jerry cruised to his 2nd in a row championship with A/GAS. We would like to thank Jerry Lewis Roofing for sponsoring the class this year and congratulations to Jerry Lewis Racing for their consistent efforts all year long.

scott pocaro 2016 igas championIn our sponsors I/GAS field coming into the final race Nelson Rodriguez Jr had a 5 point lead over Scott Pocaro. Unfortunately for Nelson he could not attend the event and that opened the door up for Scott to take the championship. However it wasn’t an easy road for Team Pocaro. They ended up breaking 2 axles on 2 different runs and were thrashing to continue going rounds so they could accumulate enough points to take the championship. With a semi final appearance it was enough points to secure his first championship. We would like to thank for sponsoring the class and we look forward to seeing Team Pocaro in the winners circle again in 2017. Thank you once again to all of our sponsors. Without you we wouldn’t be here. Stay tuned for bigger and better things to come in 2017.

Todd Pavics Winner Circle

2016 is in the books! Thank you to all of the sponsors and racers who came out and supported us this year. With out you guys & gals, there would not be a series.

Maple Grove was the last race of the year and the Jerry Lewis Roofing A/Gas was a tight points chase coming. Stephen Hawes had just a few points lead on Jerry himself and these two would battle it out all day.

The semi finals would have Stephen up against the #1 qualifier Todd Pavics in his water cooled terror. Stephen put a big holeshot and was out in front until he missed 4th gear and the top end charge of the FWD car went 8.98 at 170 mph! With the loss, Jerry was now forced to take out Reggie Lee in the other semi final. If Jerry won the round, he would be the champ. Staged up and clutch dropped, the NOS car was out first and Jerry was bouncing the front end playing catch up. Catch up he did. With that, Jerry was the champ.

stephen hawes wc atcoRace 2 was held on a gorgeous day in South Jersey and with again, the VW classes suffered 0 oil downs. Our Jerry Lewis Roofing heads up A/Gas class had 6 cars show up to qualify with 5 making it to round 1. The #1 qualifier was Chris Schaeffer with a 6.12 in a field that had turbo, nos, a street car and a water cooled. The final pair was Jerry Lewis versus Stephen Hawes. After a little bit of a staging mis que, Jerry left first with a .012 but got very crossed up and Hawes drove around him for his first win in his new car.

The Gel Air .com I/Gas class had 9 cars show up for race day. Full pay out was paid and many fans complimented the drivers on their cars in the pits. The final round came down to Scott Pocaro vs Anthony Manger in his quick FWD pick up. The tree came down and the head start went to Pocaro but the better light went to Anthony with a .009. Trying to stay out front, Scott broke out by a few hundredths and the sun went to team water cooled.

clint woolard masondixonWe started off with the backbone of our series the Sponsored I/Gas class which features 7.99 and faster bracket cars. With 17 entries in the class it proved once again to be the most competitive and largest field of the Vw Heritage Series. At the end of the day it featured a true North vs South finale. Nelson Rodriguez Jr from New Jersey was facing off against Clint Woolard from North Carolina. Over the last few years when our northern racers head down south for the Vw Drag Night event we usually take the money back north. However this year the money went down south as Clint took the win over Nelson Jr. Since Clint did not join the points series Nelson is the current I/Gas points leader with 37 points and 2nd place is tied between our fearless leader Scott Pocaro and Doug Stewart at 25 points.

2016 Wrap Up

First of all, I can for sure say we would not be able to do this if it wasn’t for our sponsors. With out them we would not have a foundation to get this series off the ground. They have allowed me to tell racers "hey, we can do this...come on out". The racers sure have responded too. We had many new faces in 2015 and 2016 has already promised MORE NEW racers. More cars, more racers and more success. Thank you to Pierside Parts Unlimited, Cookers V Dubs, PEP transmissions, JK Enterprises, Laser Service Solutions, FASRNU Racing, Burnt Industries, Bell Signs and Lettering, Ulrich Used Cars, Jerry Lewis Roofing, and Stephen Hawes.

jerry lewis 2015 agas championOur final race of the year at Englishtown in the heads up A/Gas class we had 9 cars trying to qualify for the 8 car field. By time eliminations started we were down to 7 as Matt Loyd lost his brakes and Kevin Bartleson broke an axle. It should be noted Matt made the LONG haul from Kentucky to NJ and Kevin hauled his twin turbo ghia all the way from South Carolina! The field was a mix of air-cooled and water cooled with #1 qualifier going to James Castellano in a 5cyl Golf with a 6.17et. In the finals it would be class sponsor Jerry Lewis taking on James. At the hit Jerry had a hole shot but the car came out of gear and James powered to a 6.11 for low ET of the day. This strength of Jerry’s performance would give him the class championship and the title of "King" once again.

ollie frey capitolOur 2nd race of the series at Capitol Raceway turned out to be one of the best ones yet. We had over 18 cars show up for Pierside Parts I/Gas and in the heads up Jerry Lewis Racing A/Gas we had 7 cars show up for their first 1/8th mile race. The last A/Gas event was held at Maple Grove and was a 1/4 mile event. Capitol Raceway provided us with an outstanding surface to race on and with cool temperatures and killer air most of the racers were running their personal best ET's.

Right off the trailer Jerry Lewis posted his first ever 5-second pass with a 5.90 at 123mph. If you were there in person or if you've seen the video you know that this run had a lot more in it. Watch out for this turbo charged car once they really start turning the boost up. Our A/Gas finals paired #3 Qualifier Oliver Frey in his naturally aspirated pro stock against #5 Qualifier Kirk Adams in his turbo charged pro mod. When the tree came down it was Oliver Frey taking the win with a 6.07 ET to prove to the field that a naturally aspirated car can show up and win in a field of turbo charged cars.

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