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clint woolard masondixonWe started off with the backbone of our series the Gelair.com Sponsored I/Gas class which features 7.99 and faster bracket cars. With 17 entries in the class it proved once again to be the most competitive and largest field of the Vw Heritage Series. At the end of the day it featured a true North vs South finale. Nelson Rodriguez Jr from New Jersey was facing off against Clint Woolard from North Carolina. Over the last few years when our northern racers head down south for the Vw Drag Night event we usually take the money back north. However this year the money went down south as Clint took the win over Nelson Jr. Since Clint did not join the points series Nelson is the current I/Gas points leader with 37 points and 2nd place is tied between our fearless leader Scott Pocaro and Doug Stewart at 25 points.

ollie frey masondixonOur Jerry Lewis Roofing sponsored A/Gas series once again returned for 2016. This event was an 1/8th mile event featuring a heads up style RUN WHAT YOU BRUNG format similar to other Pro Mod style cars. We had a few new comers in the class such as Stephen Hawes in his newly acquired Turbo Car previously owned by Alan Fore and Austin Johnson III upgraded his I/Gas car to a turbo. Once again the heavy hitters such as Jerry Lewis and Oliver Frey would be in the mix to shake things up. We had a total of 6 entries qualifying for the class. At the end of qualifying it was newcomer Stephen Hawes sitting on top of the field with a 5.841 @ 121mph. Top speed was given to Jerry Lewis with 124mph. In the end it was Stephen Hawes against non other than Oliver Frey in his naturally aspirated pro stock. With Oliver running in the 6.20 range and Stephen running in the 5.80 range you’d think it was going to be an easy win for Stephen. However that’s why we race them and you don’t award the win to who’s faster on paper. With Stephen missing 3rd gear Oliver cruised to the win with a 6.26 to Stephens 6.57. Since Stephen qualified higher than Oliver he’s the current points leader at 39 to Oliver’s 38 points.

trey sikes masondixonWe also had a new class sponsored by Lou Hodi at Hodi’s Autoservice in Old Bridge, NJ and Stephen Hawes of Vw Racing News.com. It is called H/Gas and features 1/8th mile bracket racing for 8.00 and slower racers. We had 10 entries in this new class and the finals featured 2 familiar faces in the Vw Community. Virgil Prehn from Virginia has been in the winners circle countless times at many of the Vw events up and down the east coast and Trey Sikes from North Carolina has driven his Jetta Wagon across the country and won not only Vw Events but also many Diesel Events and other various races. In the end Trey’s automatic wagon proved to be too consistent for Virgil in his aircooled bug. Once again the money went down south.

gene cook masondixonThe Aircooled Street Car Association also brought their street legal, tagged, titled, and insured cars to Mason Dixon. With many of the entries in Turbo Trim it was inevitable that the finals would include 2 turbo cars. What made it interesting is both cars came out of the Cookers Vdubs Restoration camp from Williamsport, MD. It was Gene Cook and Richard Hartman in the finals. And if you have ever seen these two cars in person you’d think they were show cars, however if you ever lined up against either of them in your V8, they’d make quick work of you. In the end it was Gene Cook getting the holeshot and never looking back. Gene has taken a brief break from racing and his return proved once again he’s a handful to deal with when he’s at the track. We hope to see him and the Cookers crew back out again soon.

Once again we’d like to thank the staff at Mason Dixon Dragway for accommodating us with open arms and we look forward to seeing you again next year. Also thank you for everyone who came out to join us not only the local supporters but also a few from far away such as Tom Simpson from Ohio, Matt Loyd from Kentucky, Troy McNair from Ohio, Clint Woolard from North Carolina, and Trey Sikes from North Carolina.

Our next event will be on September 25th at Atco Dragway in Atco, New Jersey. After that event we will conclude our series at the rescheduled Maple Grove event on October 16th.


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