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Jerry Lewis iRev A/GAS Winner On September 17th we had our final A/GAS Points race at the acclaimed Maryland International Raceway. We ran in conjunction with their Import Revolution or IREV for short. The weather was absolutely perfect with cool 80 degree temperatures and a nice cool wind just strong enough to dry the sweat off your brow. We had a few new racers show up for this event with their new cars such as Nathan Lee and Austin Johnson III. Also making the long drive from North Carolina was Corbitt Marshburn in his front engine fastback. With this being a 1/4 mile event it was definitely going to be survival of the fittest. 

At the end of qualifying it was Jerry Lewis sitting on top of the field with a 9.265 @ 147mph. Following by the naturally aspirated pro stock of Oliver Frey in the 2nd position with a 10.58 @ 132mph. Corbitt followed in 3rd, Austin in 4th, Nathan in 5th and Kirk Adams in 6th. 

In round 1 Jerry took out Kirk Adams when he has transmission issues. Oliver took out Nathan when he couldn't build boost on the starting line and Corbitt took the holeshot win over Austin with a 10.73 to Austin's 10.54. 

Round 2 Jerry had the bye run into the finals. And for Oliver and Corbitt things got interesting at the starting line. Both cars were staged and Corbitt rolled the lights and automatically got the red light. Shortly there after Oliver rolled the beams as well and got a redlight also. However rules state FIRST OR WORSE. Since Corbitt rolled the beams first he's the loser and Oliver advanced to the final round against Jerry Lewis. 

In the finals it was once again a redlight start for Oliver as his car rolled the beams again once he got on the 2-step and was building RPM's. Jerry cruised to the winner circle running a 9.27 @ 148mph. Congratulations to Jerry Lewis and his team for winning 2 out of the 3 races this year and wrapping up his 3 consecutive championship. 

 170914 Corbitt 170914 Dale 170914 Dale Jerry 170914 Jerry 170914 Nathan 170914 Nathan2 170914 Nathan3 170914 Ollie 170914 Ollie2 170914 Ollie3 170914 Ollie Circle


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