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IMSAttention I/GAS Bracket Racers. You now have a title sponsor thanks to the help of Joe Aragona at the International Motor Shop. With his support for 2018 you will now have a championship payout for the year. 

For over six decades the legendary Joe Aragona of the International Motor Shop has been repairing, designing, and building engines from bone stock to all out drag race and road race. His work has won 12 Official NHRA World Speed Record Titles and he has won numerous NHRA Excellence in Engineering Awards.While Joe works on all manner of exotics like AJ Foyt’s turbocharged Indy engine to the Porsche RSK 4 cam Carrera engine to Maserati, Bentley, Mercedes, Subaru, Mazda Rotary, 4 Cylinder Chrysler Hemi, and all V8’s, we VW fans are lucky that he is also a huge VW enthusiast!!

Whether you are looking for a stock VW engine rebuild or a top alcohol bracket beast Joe will deliver superior results.Thankfully Joe is also very approachable and is always happy to talk shop so come and say hello at the track or give him a call at the International Motor Shop!

Full Machine Shop
 Line Boring
 Head, Block and Case boring
 Engine Balancing
 Engine Blueprinting
 Competition Valve Jobs
 Cylinder Head Porting
 Head Remanufacturing
 Crack Detection
 Flow Testing
 Turbocharging
 Complete Engine remanufacturing
 Flywheel Grinding
 Heli-arc Welding
 Complete Line of Engine Parts In Stock
 Dyno Service and Tuning
 Engine Design and Building
 Distributor restore and modification
 Carburetor Specialist
 Exotic Coatings, REM finish and Cryogenic services
 Transmission building and remanufacturing
 Much more!!
 The list goes on and on...

International Motor Shop
Joe Aragona 516-938-5802

Connect With Us Today

Welcome to the official web site of the Heritage Series. Which in 2013 and beyond looks to preserve VW drag racing in the North Eastern United States. Our goal as an organization is to give the racers a place to get together, run their cars, compete for generous guaranteed prizes and keep the spirit and passion alive for those who race volkswagen powered vehicles. Join Us Today CLICK HERE