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GelairWith the help of our fellow racer Miles Penn we now have Gelair on board as one of our sponsors for 2018. What is Gelair you ask? They offer services to help fight mold in both your house, RV’s, and any other building you can think of. It’s the simplest way to stop mold and bacteria that infest your air conditioner and the room it services.

Gelair is a patented system which uses a specially formulated gel matrix for the controlled and sustained release of top quality Australian Tea Tree Oil vapour (a 100% natural essential oil). The specific concentrations of Tea Tree Oil released by the gel matrix system in Gelair acts as a broad spectrum anti-microbiol and anti-fungal; killing mold and bacteria wherever the Tea Tree Oil vapour penetrates.

There is a Gelair gel matrix delivery system available for most situations where the growth of mold and bacteria can become an issue. The anti-microbiol and anti-fungal power of Tea Tree Oil is also available in specially formulated liquids to help you keep your environment mold and bacteria free.

Gelair is the simplest to install. No maintenance required. No installation equipment required. And no additional energy required to run the dosing system.

For more information please visit http://www.gelair.com.au/

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