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jerry lewis 2016 agas championWe would like to congratulate our 2016 Heritage Series champions. In our Jerry Lewis Roofing sponsors A/GAS it was none other than Jerry Lewis himself wrapping up the championship my a mere 2 points over newcomer Stephen Hawes. These two battled it out all year and it came down to the final event of the year at Maple Grove. Stephen had to take out #1 qualifier Todd Pavics in the semi final round to secure his first championship, win and you’re the champ, lose and you have to wait and see if Jerry loses in his semi final round against Reggie Lee. After Stephen missed 4th gear all eyes were on Jerry and Reggie at the starting line. Just as Stephen did Reggie missed 4th gear and Jerry cruised to his 2nd in a row championship with A/GAS. We would like to thank Jerry Lewis Roofing for sponsoring the class this year and congratulations to Jerry Lewis Racing for their consistent efforts all year long.

scott pocaro 2016 igas championIn our GelAir.com sponsors I/GAS field coming into the final race Nelson Rodriguez Jr had a 5 point lead over Scott Pocaro. Unfortunately for Nelson he could not attend the event and that opened the door up for Scott to take the championship. However it wasn’t an easy road for Team Pocaro. They ended up breaking 2 axles on 2 different runs and were thrashing to continue going rounds so they could accumulate enough points to take the championship. With a semi final appearance it was enough points to secure his first championship. We would like to thank GelAir.com for sponsoring the class and we look forward to seeing Team Pocaro in the winners circle again in 2017. Thank you once again to all of our sponsors. Without you we wouldn’t be here. Stay tuned for bigger and better things to come in 2017.

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Welcome to the official web site of the Heritage Series. Which in 2013 and beyond looks to preserve VW drag racing in the North Eastern United States. Our goal as an organization is to give the racers a place to get together, run their cars, compete for generous guaranteed prizes and keep the spirit and passion alive for those who race volkswagen powered vehicles. Join Us Today CLICK HERE