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GelairWith the help of our fellow racer Miles Penn we now have Gelair on board as one of our sponsors for 2018. What is Gelair you ask? They offer services to help fight mold in both your house, RV’s, and any other building you can think of. It’s the simplest way to stop mold and bacteria that infest your air conditioner and the room it services.

Gelair is a patented system which uses a specially formulated gel matrix for the controlled and sustained release of top quality Australian Tea Tree Oil vapour (a 100% natural essential oil). The specific concentrations of Tea Tree Oil released by the gel matrix system in Gelair acts as a broad spectrum anti-microbiol and anti-fungal; killing mold and bacteria wherever the Tea Tree Oil vapour penetrates.

There is a Gelair gel matrix delivery system available for most situations where the growth of mold and bacteria can become an issue. The anti-microbiol and anti-fungal power of Tea Tree Oil is also available in specially formulated liquids to help you keep your environment mold and bacteria free.

Gelair is the simplest to install. No maintenance required. No installation equipment required. And no additional energy required to run the dosing system.

For more information please visit http://www.gelair.com.au/

MSEMSE Products are Bolt On. You will NOT have to disassemble your transmission or order and fabricate any special parts to make it work.

MSE Shifters are engineered for use with Volkswagen transaxles. Other aftermarket shifters are not specifically made for Volkswagen Transaxles and may subject to your shifting problems.

The MSE Shifting System has been race proven since 1995. It is used internationally to provide fast and positive shifting so you won’t have any more missed shifts, stuck in gear, hit reverse, and other shifting problems you have had.

Call Bill Gundrum at 570-754-7209 or email him at msegb@comcast.net

Website: http://www.msebg.org/

A1 ExhaustWe'd like to welcome A-1 Performance & Exhaust to our list of 2018 sponsors. For those that have seen the work Tiger Vasquez and his crew puts out, it's by far the best exhaust systems in our industry. Everything from stock, drag racing, custom coatings, stepped headers, and anything you might need exhaust wise they are your go to source. For more information please call (714) 836-7201 or email Tiger at tigerperformance@aol.com

atp turboWe'd like to welcome ATP Turbo as an official sponsor for the 2018 Season. They have also stepped up and sponsored one of our upcoming races as well. We will have more announcements coming soon. In the mean time here's some information on ATP Turbo.
Advanced Tuning Products, Inc. (ATP Turbo) is a company dedicated solely to turbocharging. Our goal is to engineer and manufacture turbocharging components that make sense. While turbocharging itself is not "new", many of the components that we create are of "fresh" ideas that come from applying the basic principles of process improvement and re-engineering to turbocharging systems. Adhering to these principles have helped us to design and re-design components for turbocharging, that are often more simplified, but function better, and are more reliable.

Rancho WebThe Vw Heritage Series now has a title sponsor brought to you by Rancho Transaxles. As many of you know Sam and his crew have been involved in the aircooled Vw Transmission business for countless years and have serviced thousands of transmissions both for Street, Strip, Sand & Dirt. 

Rancho Performance Transaxles. based in Fullerton California is the largest transaxle remanufacturing and custom transaxle building facility of its type. Today the company is headquartered in a16,000 sq ft facility and employs 15 full time staff members. On site you’ll find no less than 9 full time work stations, a specialty high performance transmission shop, full machine shop and welding facility, teardown and inspection area with magnuflux capability, new and used parts department and the most knowledgeable transaxle specialists in the industry.

IMSAttention I/GAS Bracket Racers. You now have a title sponsor thanks to the help of Joe Aragona at the International Motor Shop. With his support for 2018 you will now have a championship payout for the year. 

For over six decades the legendary Joe Aragona of the International Motor Shop has been repairing, designing, and building engines from bone stock to all out drag race and road race. His work has won 12 Official NHRA World Speed Record Titles and he has won numerous NHRA Excellence in Engineering Awards.While Joe works on all manner of exotics like AJ Foyt’s turbocharged Indy engine to the Porsche RSK 4 cam Carrera engine to Maserati, Bentley, Mercedes, Subaru, Mazda Rotary, 4 Cylinder Chrysler Hemi, and all V8’s, we VW fans are lucky that he is also a huge VW enthusiast!!

Island DubA/GAS Pro Mod racers... We now have a 2018 Title Sponsor that has stepped up and paid your series championship purse. With the help of Jeremy Owen and Warren Ferrance at Island Dub they will be paying out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the chase for the championship. Most of you are familiar with Jeremy since he's not only a racer himself but has been a driving force in Oliver Frey's Pro Stock Team for as long as we can remember. Please be sure to Thank Jeremy and Warren at Island Dub for their generous contributions. Remember... support those who support us. 

Island Dub Vintage Volkswagen repair, experts in all your restoration and maintenance needs. Ball joints, king and link pins, or whole beam rebuilds, IRS, Swing, 002, or 091 we can rebuild them and install them. Bug, Bus, Ghia, and Thing, 36 horse, 40 horse or you specify the horse engine building or servicing. Single or dual carb complete tuning and rebuilding. Restorations and daily drivers we love doing it and can do it for you. 

July 21st – Waterfest 24 – Atco Dragway
    - A/Gas Points Race ONLY

August 11th – 4th Annual Vw Bug Meet – Mason Dixon Dragway 
    - A/Gas and I/Gas Points Race

September 8th - Legends at Budds Creek- Maryland Int'l Raceway
  - A/Gas Points Race ONLY

September 22nd – V-Dub Drag Fest – Numidia Raceway 
   - I/Gas Points Race ONLY (A/Gas not participating)

October 14th – 31st Annual June Bug Classic – Maple Grove Raceway 
    - A/Gas and I/Gas Points Race


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Welcome to the official web site of the Heritage Series. Which in 2013 and beyond looks to preserve VW drag racing in the North Eastern United States. Our goal as an organization is to give the racers a place to get together, run their cars, compete for generous guaranteed prizes and keep the spirit and passion alive for those who race volkswagen powered vehicles. Join Us Today CLICK HERE